First Page Sage was established in 2009 as a search engine optimization, or SEO, company. Its objective was to get high search rankings for its clients so that they in turn would show up highly in Google searchers, garnering new clients, publicity, and business development opportunities.

In 2011, the company evolved to focusing not just on high rankings, but on organic traffic generally. What that means is that we stopped focusing solely on one or two big keywords for each client, but instead on what is known as the Long Tail, or the thousands of keywords that potential customers of our clients’ companies type in when they are doing research on what our clients sell. Research, and our own experience, has shown that far more revenue is derived from these thousands of lesser-search terms than only showing up for the one or two big terms. The exciting part about a Long Tail strategy is that it ends up causing the client’s website to rank highly for the big keywords as well over time; but in the beginning few months of the campaign, they are building a base of keywords that are both numerous and highly relevant.

While the Long Tail strategy remains a part of our core offering today, First Page Sage re-branded in 2013 to focus more heavily on Thought Leadership content. This focus is dominant in our organization today, and it finally feels like we have found the perfect service for our clients. Thought Leadership content is any content residing on a website that reflects upon the company who owns that website a sense of being the leader in their industry. The content we create for our clients brands them as the very best at what they do – in research, technology, staff, and other areas. Naturally, not everyone can be the best, and that means that we have to pick and choose clients who we personally believe are the best, but haven’t made that clear enough through their website. The Thought Leadership content we create for our clients, when combined with link building efforts (a part of traditional SEO), causes our clients to attract a substantial number of new clients, as well as new employees, business partnerships, and attention from trade publications and the press. In the online environment of today, with Google carefully choosing only the highest quality websites to rank highly in their search results, Thought Leadership is the only way to do SEO effectively. And thus, First Page Sage’s evolution as an SEO company is complete. (For now, that is.)